Cerkopil products are dedicated to people with sensitive, atopic and easily irritable skin. They relieve itching and eliminate irritation and tightness. The products also moisturize, smooth and firm the skin. They are safe for the skin barrier. Cerkopil dermocosmetics are oil-in-water emulsions (O/W). The unique Cerko complex of 18 β-GA with L-Arginine relieves itching and eliminates irritation.


Series of products named Kermuren and Cerkoderm contain urea in the concentrations ranging from 5% to 40%. It is a natural and safe ingredient which occur in human body. Moreover, urea is the ingredient of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). As it is safe, it cannot be overdosed and has no allergenic properties. The concentration of urea is the main factor in dividing the products according to their purpose of use in the skin care problems such as dry skin, atopic dermatitis (AD), psoriasis, keratosis, dry skin associated with diabetics, menopause, thyroid dysfunctions and more. Urea Line includes not only emulsions but also gels intended for the care of skin and nails, especially those gels with high concentrations of urea (30% and 40%).

Active smoothing emollients
Active exfoliating emollients
Moisturizing and exfoliating gels
Contents of urea and the lines of action