Components of Cerko Lab System equipment

Cerko Lab System is a universal modular set, a poring to achieve the purpose of adapting to the user’s specific requirements. The children’s system can be extended in the future with additional elements. For example, the pH meter, after being supplemented with a syringe pump, functions as a pH meter microtitrator. The standard CerkoLab software after addition to the spectrophotometric module additionally available spectrophotometric titrations.

pH meter and pH meter integrated with microtitrator
Conductometer and conductometer integrated with microtitrator
Multichannel titration station
pH/pC/mV Multiplexer
Multichannel Temperature Data Logger
Syringe microdosing unit/ Micropump
Dosing unit with membrane pump
Dosing syringes
Measuring electrodes (pH- metric, ion selective, conductometric cells with BNC port)
Temperature sensor PT1000 with cinch port
Dosing tubes and connecting accessories
PC computer connection cables
CerkoLab software CDROM with manuals
Power supply unit
Magnetic stirrers and microstirrers
Magnetic micromagnetic for spectrophotometric cuvettes
Measuring cells holder
Universal holder for measuring vessels integrated with a microstirrers
Bioreactors and measuring cells

Supplementary informational materials:

CerkoLab-EQSOL software leaflet 

Multimedia presentation by EQSOL

If You are interested – a demo version of the program is available. To receive this version, please send your order to the address: