1. After starting the programme, an announcement constantly occurs: “Check and set the measurement/titrator parameters again”.

The titrator remembers the measurement parameters. You should select Parameters->Titratorsection, check/set the speed of dosing and select OK button afterwards. The activity should be repeated with settings in Parameters->Measurement section.

2. An announcement constantly occurs “Check the connection and power supply of microtitrator” even though the computer is properly connected.

In some desktop computers, a serial port is not connected or is not properly connected to motherboard. You should check that. Another thing is to check the settings of the motherboard (SETUP program), if the serial port is activated.

3. After starting the program, an announcement occurs: “Library of the system DLL user32.dll has been relocated in memory…”.

The problem concerns Windows XP system. You should update the system using the website: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935448.

4. You cannot change and/or delete the syringe or the electrode.

The syringe/electrode can be changed only when in the graph’s window there is no measurement. First, you should delete the measurement (delete button, menu Measurement->Delete). You cannot delete the syringe/electrode that is the only one in the system or it is selected in menu Parameters->Measurement.

5. You cannot start the kinetics measurement (titration).

There is previously done titration measurement (kinetics) in the graph’s window. You need to delete it (delete button, menu Measurement->Delete).

6. How can I check if the computer communicates with the titrator?

The best option is to start Help->Hardware.

7. Does Cerko company train the program users?

Yes, it does. Cerko offers training courses concerning Cerko Lab System. More information can be obtained at Customer Service.

8. After starting the titration, the dosing unit seems not to be working.

It is possible that a long pause was selected and/or very slow dosing speed.

9. Can Cerko company formulate measurement procedure?

Yes, it can. Cerko is interested in cooperation with the users of Cerko Lab System. Contact our Consumer Service.

10. I incidentally deleted the measurement. Can I retrieve it?

Yes, it is possible. Before starting another measurement, select the option File->Retrieve.

11. The three way valve does not switch between the titrant’s tank and the measuring cell.

It is possible that the valve is polluted. The best option is to disassemble the syringe from the dosing holder and fill it with distilled water manually. Next, remove the tubes from the cell with titrant and measuring cell. Select Filling button and start filling the syringe. Empty the syringe manually. Water should flow out through the tube connected to the first valve end. Select Emptyingbutton and start emptying the syringe. Water should flow out through the tube connected to the second valve end. If the valve still seems to be blocked, call the service.

12. How can I check the speed of the measurement electrode reaction?

The best option is to start kinetics measurement with 1 second pause and by observing the read estimate the time of stabilisation.

13. Is it possible to change titration step during the titration?

Yes it is. During the measurement you can change all parameters available.

14. Can microtitrator work without the computer?

Yes it can. The device can work without the computer and register up to 60 series, consisting of maximum 1000 measuring points each. This however requires the the system with installed internal memory unit.

15. Is it possible to dose titrants omitting the three way valve?

Yes it is. Nevertheless you need to remember that in this case, the sample can be sucked into the syringe at the moment of reaching upper limit switch by the syringe piston.

16. During the filling air bubbles appear in the syringe.

When the syringe is filled for the first time it is natural. The excess air can be removed by multiple filling and emptying the syringe. The air bubbles that appear later on can indicate not properly screwed tubes to the valve and syringe or too fast filling.

17. How can I select the pause between the measurements?

The pause is dependent on the electrode reaction speed (it is usually several up to a dozen seconds) and kinetics reaction. The electrode reaction speed can be experimentally checked by kinetics measurement, in which the single portion of the titrant is added.

18. Does the size of the titration step influences measurement accuracy?

Yes, it does. Particularly, when the measurement data are numerically processed. Smaller step indicates greater accuracy, nevertheless it also means longer measurement.

19. I started the program. When I got back after an hour the computer was turned off and I lost the measurement.

Some computers, laptops particularly, possess the option of hibernation, which turns off the computer after fixed time of no keyboard/mouse activity. During the long-lasting measurements you should turn off the hibernation option.

20. My laptop does not have the serial port. Can I use USB-RS232C adapter to communicate with the device?

Yes, you can. Cerko Lab Systemhandles all serial ports installed on the computer, inter alia USB-RS232C.

If your problem has not been solved, please contact us directly via phone or email.