Cerko Educational Portal

Cerko in cooperation with Pomeranian Technology and Science Park in Gdynia and scientists from universities established an educational portal dedicated to practical use of potentiometric, conductometric and amperometric methods as well as series of Cerko Lab System devices in analytics.

Participants of the training courses will be able to perform a number of analyses in our laboratories using Cerko Lab System szereg analiz.

Our educational portal is dedicated to all those, who are interested in potentiometry, conductometry and amperometry in daily laboratory practice, managing or working in quality control laboratories, sanitary supervision departments, industrial laboratories and scientific research institutes.

Proposals of training courses topics

01. Designation of chloride and fluoride ions’ concentration in water.
02. Designation of an acid value in food products.
03. Designation of an acid and base value in industrial oils and fuel.
04. Designation of carbonate ions content.
05. Control and pH regulation by pH-stat software.
06. Designation and adjustment of pKa values of organic compounds.
07. Validation of analytical methods and CLS devices.