Bioreactors and measuring cells

Cerko Bioreactors are intended for research and development work in enterprises, scientific research institutes, industrial units, as well as for students’ laboratories at universities.
Owing to the used solutions, conducting reactions even in small volumes is possible. Through the modular construction (as well as other Cerko Lab System) elements) it is possible to adjust the solutions to the individual requirements of the user and the type of the reaction.
Mixing process can be performed by classic magnetic stirrer and/or mechanic one. Cerko manufactures dedicated magnetic stirrers intended for bioreactors.
Cerko Bioreactors possess temperature stabilisation feature through liquid circulation and external thermostats and cryostats.
Bioreactors with smaller capacity can be directly installed in the laboratory shaker. All materials used in production of bioreactors can be sterilised.

Supplementary informational materials:

Bioreactors leaflet