Cerko syringe micropump

Cerko micropump/ syringe microdosing unit is a microprocessor controlled module intended for precise liquid microdosing, for example during the titration measurements, preparing standard solutions or preparing composition mixtures.

The dosing unit consists of a replaceable syringe holder (e.g. Hamilton,) of volume varying from 5 to 0,5 ml.

Owing to the usage of three way valve in the dosing circuit, delivered volume is not restricted to the syringe volume.

Dosing unit is controlled by CerkoLab programme which allows constant as well as step-by-step liquid dosing. Following parameters can be programmed: size of a single dose, dosing speed, number of portions and pauses between particular doses.

Supplementary informational materials::

Cerko syringe micropump leaflet
CerkoLab Software leaflet 

Technical Data:

Number of measuring channels: 1.
Syringe span: 70mm.
Dosing unit control: stepper motor.
Flow of titrant: constant through three way valve.
Minimal dose: less than 0.01ml
Type and syringe capacity: Hamilton 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5ml.
Dosing tubes: Teflon, inner diameter 0.5mm.
Tubes connection: UNF ¼-28 conncetors
Dosing speed: varying on syringe capacity
Pause between the doses: 1sec..4.5h
Numeber of dosing portions: any.
Terminal to computer: RS232C and USB port.
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, Linux(emulator wine required).
Software: CerkoLab, Basic or Expert version.
Power supply: external power supply, stabilised +12V/1000mA.