Potentiometric Microtitrator

Cerko Lab System Potentiometry devices – allow to conduct precise pH/ temperature and/ or ion selective measurements, potentiometric titrations, as well as measurement of potential as a function of time.

The devices are intended for scientific research institutes, universities, science and development units, quality control laboratories and sanitary supervision departments.

The device, varying on the version, consists of precise syringe microtitrator with replaceable syringes or membrane titrator controlled by microprocessor and potentiometric measuring system. For the technical indications the adequate version of the control program is required.

This device can be controlled by PC computer and CerkoLab program or by the software located in the controlling microprocessor. CerkoLab devices can work in different modes. In autonomous mode, when programmed before, the measurements are registered in the internal memory. The acquired data can be sent to the computer afterwards. In the classical mode the device works as standard pH-meter. The remote mode allows to control the device completely from the computer, owing to RS232C or USB port. The controlling electronics is equipped with a keyboard consisting of seven buttons and a small LCD display.

Measured values and all the measurement settings are visible on the display. The keyboard allows the full control of the system in the autonomous mode and it plays an adjunctive role in the remote mode.

Owing to the fact that the syringe dosing unit is equipped with three way valve, it is possible to continuously collect the titrant from the supply.

Supplementary informational materials:

Potentiometry Leaflet
Poster “Applied environment in CerkoLab program”
Leaflet CerkoLab Software 

Technical Data:

Number of measuring channels: 1.
Measuring extent pH/mV: 0..14 (it varies on the type of elecrodes), -1000..+1000mV +/-0.003mV.
Temperature measuring extent: 0…100oC +/-0.097oC.
Measuring probe pH/mV: combined electrode pH or ion selective with BNC port.
Temperature measuring probe: PT1000 sensor.
The input impedance: >1012Ω.
Number of measuring steps: 1…1000.
Pause between the measurements: 1sec… 4.5h
Dosing unit: syringe dosing unit or membrane pump.
Dosing tubes: teflon, inner diameter 0.5mm.
Syringe pump:
          syringe span: 70mm.
          minimum dose of titrant: less than 0.01ml (for Hamilton 5ml syringe ).
          syringe capacity: 5ml, 2ml, 1ml, 0.5ml (recommended syringes: Hamilton).
          number of syringes: any.
          flow of titrant: through three-way valve.
Membrane pump:
          minimal dose of titrant: 0.01ml.
Elecrode calibration: multipoint (min. 2 measuring points).
Temperature sensor calibration: multipoint (min. 2 measuring points).
Number of electrodes: any.
Types of measurements: titatrion, kinetics, calibration, specialised designations.
Inner memory (option): 512kB, 60 series each 1000 points.
Measurement file format: POM, XLS, CSV, HTML, XML.
Terminal to computer: RS232C or USB port.
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, Linux(emulator wine required).
Software: CerkoLab, Basic or Expert version.
Power supply: external power supply, stabilised +12V/1000mA.